Our mission is to provide a meaningful yoga practice to as many students as possible while benefiting those in need in our community, specifically by introducing people who lack time, access, or would not attend a traditional yoga studio. Yoga-for-Good partners with community businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations offering an on-site yoga practice that is unique to the needs of the participants and serves to financially support the charity of their choosing.

We believe an essential part of a meaningful yoga practice is liberation through active involvement in the world. Yoga is a practice that unites our physical body, intellectual mind, and inner spirit. Yoga means "union", moving toward balance in all aspects of life. Karma means "to do", it is the way of action. Some of our students come to yoga-for-good through working with a charity we have contributed to. Other students found a charity they now support through participation in our yoga classes. It is this union of practice and action that we seek to foster.